This Painting was inspired by the idea of breaking from confinements placed on you by outside influences. Escaping the self made prisons on the human spirit.

Rachael Rhianna

Creativologist / Artist

I want to spend my life exploring all avenues of Creativity, to dive into the depths of my imagination, and discover the limitless possibility of my Creative Soul. I hope to Create beautiful expressions of the love and wonder inside me, and share it with you to add extra beauty into your life as well. And if I am lucky, inspire others to explore their own Creative Spirit!

Previous Exibits

Ridge Street Coffee House, Glens Falls, NY – November 2007

Blues and Art Festival, Saratoga Springs, NY – August 2008

Art in the Park, Saratoga Springs, NY – October 2008

DHBT Gallery, The Shirt Factory, Glens Falls, NY – October 2010

Court House Gallery, Glens Falls, NY – June 2011

Artist Talk, Larac, Glens Falls, NY – June 2011

Pine Street Gallery, Glens Falls, NY – August 2011

Cre8ivology, Glens Falls, NY- Since October 2020

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